Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Two Wheels...Very Good

The Steed is healed! Thanks to the lovely chaps down at Two Wheels Good bike shop in Crouch End, I have my own two wheels back. I'd managed to get a wodge of fabric (the technical term) caught in my derailer, and through stubbornly trying to keep pedalling, managed to snap that off, bend the thing that holds the gear cogs (I'm sure I'll learn the proper word for that too) and also buckle the back wheel. So not a small amount of damage. I'd been bracing myself for a hefty bill, but the man with the handlebar moustache charged me to modest sum of £35. Less than a normal service.

Hurrah for having a good local bike shop- I've been ripped off and ignored by Evans too many times.

And hurrah for being back on the road- I'd missed the sensation of the wind in my hair. Steed and me restrained the urge to ring our bell with glee, because pedestrians think you're yelling at them (and sometimes I am, the dozy fools). So I just had to sing a bit whilst free wheeling down Crouch Hill instead.


  1. Today I turned a corner in my determination to start cycling to work, having just spent an hour and a quarter in standstill traffic whilst lodged in someone's arm pit. I thought to myself, I'd rather be wet, out of breath, and have to carry work clothes around in a rucksack, than this. Thanks to you and your blog for continuing to move me in the better direction!

  2. Ride ride ride! See today's post for LOTS of reasons why. Also, re rucksack, you really do want to get a pannier if you're going to be carting clothes, in fact anything, because you WILL get a sweaty back with a backpack. So I hear.

    Did you know pannier come from the french for bread basket?Quite like the idea of cycling round with a couple of baguettes poking out the back.....