Monday, 6 September 2010

Bicycle down!

I'm beginning this blog on a sad day- the Trusty Steed had a little accident and is currently residing in the bike hospital in the safe hands of a moustachioed mechanic. In my head he wears a white coat and carries his tools in a white box painted with a red cross. God bless him. Apparently the steed will need a few more days work as the part in question is not in stock. I wish there was an organ doner register for bikes.

While I've been waiting for the steed to recover I've realised how much I miss him, and how less rich my commute is when  crammed into a tube or bus. Every day on a bike is an adventure- London reveals it's secrets to you when on two wheels. Fragments of stories and tantalising glimpses flash past, but never so fast that you can't choose to pursue. I've started this blog to chronicle the most exciting, inspiring and interesting things I see while out and about by pedal power.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear - bad timing for the steed to be out of action, just when the strikes are on!
    Get Well Soon, Trusty.