Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Silver Cyclist

Trusty is back on the road once more, and the folks at Two Wheels Good, to give them their due, sorted out the rerailer fault for free, and threw in a repair of something else that needed replacing. I still have faith in my local.

And so reunited once more, this morning the steed and I passed another one of the amazing cycling characters that populate this city.  Sporting a helmet of set white curls, she must have been in her seventies and was riding a fairly standard old sit-up-and-beg bike. However, it had been 'pimped' with neon spoke cards and a squeezy-ended brass horn. I would have wondered if she'd stolen it, or got on it in an episode of dementia, except that her outfit was equally eccentric: a bright red Columbo style mac over leopard print leggings, finished off with vintage nike high-tops. The whole effect was so amazing that I had to restrain to urge to shout "Will you be my Granny?" and high- five her as I overtook.

N.B. Seeing as my amazingly technosavvy actual Grandma is one of the stalwart readers of this blog, I need to make clear that the desire was for an extra, not a replacement, female grandparent. Though I'm happy to buy you some high-tops, Grandma, if you like. You could totally work them.

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