Friday, 24 September 2010

London Cycle Map

The good people over at Cycle Lifestyle Magazine have launched a campaign to create a single cycle map for London. I think it is a damn good idea, as I spend a lot of time using a combination of the TFL cycle journey planner (sometimes brilliant, sometimes bizarre), my battered old A-Z and a lot of instinct. Really, it was only experience and the collective wisdom of an online bike forum that led me to a reasonably direct route from Oxford Streed to Waterloo Bridge that missed out the frankly lethal Regent's Street. A straightforward, colourful bike version of the tube map would be invaluable.

You can sign a petition here and have a look at the prototype map here. I hear that an easier to read, more stylised version is in production so do show your support for the concept, not the finished product


  1. OK, it's not a map, but I have recently found this London bike route-planner:
    Two things I really like about it is that it always gives three different ways of getting from A to B, and it gives you a chart of the elevation of your route -- so you know how many hills are involved

  2. Really? The hill thing is genius. Thanks