Saturday, 18 September 2010

Brompton World Championships

I don't ride a brompton (look out for an upcoming post about the tribe that do), but I often wonder about adding one to my bike stable. Trusty is wonderful but takes up far too much room on trains and in cars. If I did ride a brompton I would definitely be going along to the brompton world championships.
There is something inherently comic about the thought of lots of (mostly) men in suits tying to race bikes with wheels the size of dinner plates. The relation of effort to output is pretty poor. Good on 'em for trying.


  1. As fellowess employee - got your blog link from the Bike Shed - I thought I'd say GET ONE. Great for trains, great for cycling, great for laziness or excersise, whichever fits in with your mood at that moment.

  2. You'll be surprised how nippy Bromptons can be and the range of colours is fab. I'm on my second now and would never get a different bike.

    Perfect for my train + cycle commute and last year was saving me £103 per month by not having to have a zone 1 travel card. (Get a London Terminals ticket instead.)

    Love the blog