Friday, 29 October 2010

Sounds for my Wheels

Today I passed a young guy on what can only be described as the two wheeled equivalent of a souped up vauxhall nova. It was a sort of BMX, with neon wheels, wing mirrors (2!), a blue light under the saddle and best of all, a soundsytem strapped to the handlebars. From what I could see I think it was an adapted ipod docking station, and it looked like it was a pretty permenant feature. Goodness knows what he does when it rains. The concious hip-hop booming from it was much appreciated on my sleepy cycle ride. It struck me as a potentially brilliant idea- having headphones in is a bit dangerous so this would be would be an alternative way to carry your tunes. Us cyclists could gather like teenagers in gangs in car parks late at night and have impormptu parties. The industry would start producing sub-woofers you could hang from the cross bar. Obviously only people with good taste in music would be able to buy one as everyone else has to listen to it. And it wouldn't work at rush hour when two many genres would be competing. Short comings aside, thought, I think Trusty and I might have to invest...


  1. Interesting. If you're into bike helmets (I'm not) - then this is a useful piece of sound kit for a bike:

  2. I'd feel like a bit of a dick blasting my music at everyone else in the world but I've still considered this a number of times. I usually wear headphones but it honestly does feel a bit dangerous. Plus, of course, it would be a much more social experience sharing music when I'm riding with the wife.

  3. If I did it 5% of the population would like my choice in music and 95% would hate it - and of that 5% a majority probably would not be in the mood for listing to music at that time anyway. So while I might make 1% of the population cheerful it would be a bit unfair on the other 99%. Better to keep one's music to oneself!

    Grumpy old man

  4. I have a very refined taste in clearly no one would like it.

    Kind of reminds me of the kids on the bus and tube with music blasting from their phones.

    I'd have loved to have seen this guy on his bike. Sometimes down the West of London I see people on really fancy low rider choppers...with mirrors and spare wheel and all that jaz...I brightens up my day somewhat.