Monday, 11 October 2010

The Glories of Autumn

I just need to wax lyrical about the weather. I know everyone is doing it, but isn't it glorious? I LOVE cycling on days like today. It is cool and breezy enough that you can really pelt it and just get pleasantly warm. The sun on my face warms my skin and fills me with vitamin-D soaked joy. Everyone on the road is nicer, just glad to be out in the air. I think it's just hit the high point of autumn colour too- the trees are blazing but not yet nearly bare. Autumn sun is somehow better than August rays, mellower, an apricot light that makes everything and everyone look rich and layered. I just want to hold it on my tongue like a slow dissolving toffee, or pour it into a heavy tumbler and sip it in a smoke-filled room.

Like the Great Guy said, a few days like this a year would see me right.

1 comment:

  1.'s been glorious over the past couple of days...but I have to moan about the wind. The wind was even working against me going downhill!

    But mild temperatures and some sun = very happy indeed. :)