Monday, 15 November 2010

Men in Tights

To be fair, this might be why.
The weather has got a nip in it, and the number of men wearing shorts over running tights (or leggings) goes up in inverse proportion to the drop in the temperature. This look never fails to make me smile- what is wrong with trousers to keep your calves warm? Have you never heard of cycle clips- or my varient, tucking your trousers in your socks? Or if you really like the aerodynamicity of tights, why bother putting baggy shorts over them? Could it possibly be about not wanting to have the outline of your package on display for all to see? Especially on a chilly morning?

I can't help but think that european men would not adopt this look. They would either, like the grand stallions of the ballet world, wear their clingy garments with a proud swagger, or just stick to chinos. I love the British male, nothing if not half-arsed.


  1. I think you should wolf whistle at any you see committing such heinous crimes of fashion...just for the hell of it!


  2. This is of course the male fear of not wearing the right kit. It's not enough to be a cyclist, you have to be seen in the right kit lest people think you are a sad commuter, not a lithe and fit Tour de France wanabe. This is taken to it's most absurd when you see lycra shorts man on a Brompton. It's almost as if he's worried the small wheels might imply smallness elsewhere!

    I'm sticking to cycle clips and a cape when it rains.

  3. Come on, give your fellow cyclists a break. I wear tights on my commute. It's a 2 hour ride and riding in trousers gets horribly disgusting and sweaty.

    I wear what I do to keep me comfortable not because I'm adhering to some kind of tribal fashion. If I'm going down the shops I'll go in my everyday clothes. If I'm cycling across London to work I will wear something more appropriate. Why should I be judged for doing this?

  4. Ah Jonathan, it's meant to be affectionate!I'd choose a shorts and tights wearing brit anyday. And there are certainly days when my cycling kit looks less than chic, and I can live with that.